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Onyx the Dragoness is one of bronalysis's more obscure members. While her first video didn't even have visuals, her newer content takes inspiration from many of the top analysts...with an antagonistic twist.

Onyx the Dragoness is also the founder of The Void Outpost. After months of sitting in The Void, she decided to start her own base. She built an outpost and named it...The Void. (later renamed to The Void Outpost) The Outpost lay dormant for months after its construction. But Onyx soon began to seek out smaller creators with potential. The Outpost has since become a growing, and thriving community; which has since shed it's focus on smaller creators.

She is famous among those close to her for her sarcasm, cynicism, and deadpan reactions. She created the nickname 'Lefty' by which even Mr.LeftTurn's subscribers generally refer to him. While she is an active analyst, she does have her hobbies. Namely inventing new devices, and concocting new plans by which to accomplish world domination.


  • Founder of The Void Outpost
  • Is an official writer/admin for the Wiki you're reading RIGHT NOW
  • Hates coffee
  • Considers herself a bigger fan of the community than the show
  • Is a big fan of Polandball/Countryballs
  • Created the newest version of the famous analyst cluster, which is in the Wiki's background
  • Despite being a dragon, she has never been shown to spit fire.
  • Is predominantly a Linux user
  • Is a history buff







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