Passion is an amateur writer and artist with a strong love of the Bronalysis Community. If you talk to her you may notice that she is normally excessively polite. This is because she is afraid that she might do something that could offend others. She finds it much easier to make friends online than in the real world. Of her group of online friends, there are only a few who she's really close to. These include Sky Buster (A.K.A. BusterBuizel), KatrinaHood, and British Brony.


  • Passion shares the same birthday as Ink Rose, Friday, June 19, 1998.
  • Before she became acquainted with BusterBuizel she thought of him as her "Senpai", because his stories inspired her to write her own fanfictions. Now that she's actually in a relationship with him, she still likes to call him "Senpai Buster". (She's even set his Skype name as that.)
  • She's the founder of this very wiki.
  • She has ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome.
  • She struggled to overcome Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), which she had for several years. As of 2019, she finally has full eyebrows and eyelashes and has nearly completely stopped pulling.
  • She is openly Pansexual.
  • She is "PassionateAboutPonys" on DeviantArt because she ran out of characters when creating her account.









Crystal Pony Water Wings

Water Wings as a Crystal Pony, made by CrystalTrainer.

Nightmare Wings

Nightmare Wings, made by imuteram.

Anime Water Wings

Anime Water Wings, made by katrinahood.

Equestria Girls Water Wings

Water Wings as an Equestria Girl, made by FallenFateAdopts.

Pointy Pony Water Wings

Pointy Pony Water Wings, made by CrystalTrainer

Ngjtf loadout passion by busterbuizel-d98faey

A more detailed view of Water Wings in BusterBuizel's "Starbound Ascension" universe.

Water Wings Ship

Passion's first shipping, made by BusterBuizel.

Ngjtf armor upgrades by busterbuizel-d9d99nh

Water Wings in BusterBuizel's "Starbound Ascension" universe wearing new "Aegisalt" armor.

Ngjsf deep waters by busterbuizel-d8xuzt1

A 17th birthday present made for Passion by BusterBuizel.

Closed 1080p

Passion's Rift hallway door, made by TheLooneyTurtle.

Water Wings Starbound Universe

Water Wings in BusterBuizel's "Starbound Ascension" universe.

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