As far as reviewers go Pat Rex 11 is... one of them. The self proclaimed reviewer of the good, the bad, and the underrated is on a constant search for Titans Go episodes to bash, Fluttershy episodes to fanboy over, jokes at politicians' expense to crack, a job, and a good camera.

His inexplicable but limited use of chaos magic has surprised and confused a lot of people, including him. He has at several times indicated that his family tree includes Tyrannosaurus, dragon, autobot, time lord, changeling, Titan, wookie, flying spaghetti monster, and European swallow on top of pegasus and chaos spirit but most of these comments were made while he was drunk and his backstory remains a mystery until he finds the time to make one up. It has been suggested that many of his ancestors enjoyed interdimensional travel, perhaps explaining this muddled lineage.

Nowadays he is a fairly active member of The Void Outpost and The Rift City where the other members must put up with his nigh endless snark and quips.

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  • Is very British: evident by his silky voice, tea loving, and affinity for Doctor Who.
  • Doesn't like crumpets, contrary to popular stereotyping.
  • A big fanboy of the 11th Doctor, Discord, Fluttershy, Captain America, and Captain Rex.
  • Didn't use vectors in his MLP reviews till he commissioned Twist O' Fate to make him some. They debuted in Mr.LeftTurn's 300 sub special and first used on his own channel in his review of School Daze. Why it took him 2 seasons to do so remains a mystery.
  • Had bright red hair till he and Twist agreed he wasn't cut out to be a red head so made it darker.
  • Reviews more than MLP such as Teen Titans, Titans Go, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • His main inspirations as a reviewer are Linkara, MLP-Silver-Quill, and Mr Enter.
  • Has a bad habit of threatening the people/ponies he collabs with. He blames this on Wooden Sword for doing this in the first collab either of them did.
  • Only limits to his magic are his creativity and non-existent budget.
  • Preferred method of travel between places is teleporting with a poof.
  • His biggest obstacles to regular uploads are university and life stuff.
  • Clinically diagnosed with bullcrap intolerance.
  • Has sworn vengeance on Thunder blight for subjecting him to such cliché, drawn out storylines.
  • Can and frequently does ship anyone.
  • Is shipped with no one.

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