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Patrick Rowberry is a green and blue Pegasus pony that has many questions surrounding him; from why he is made up of two colors to why he uses his real name, and so on. After the disappearance of the real Patrick Rowberry in November 2015 people question who is still making these videos. His upbringing is unknown since no one cares. He gains power every month and didn't stop making videos until he doxxed himself. He is also a member and Moderator of The Rift City intent on running it into the ground.

Patrick was a background man in the community working on multiple projects. He has written for all baring 1 of the monthly rift to date, has edited a few, and been a driving force to keep projects on time.

He is the head of PoniesOnline, an online convention that happened on the 23rd of May, 2020. PoniesOnline was a Collab with a pony-Minecraft-con named SeaPonyCon and had it's opening ceremony streamed live to YouTube though PoniesOnline. In February 2020 hahcon was cancelled last minute. Patrick created and helped move everyone to a new group named "PoniesOnline". He got bannanimation, blue prisum, hojo, n30, and alexwolf all on board to help with the online convention. It was a 24 hour convention that raised over £200 for Childs Play. It was held on May 23 and had panels from drawing, to gaming, to talks on robot ponies and so much more. Despite the convention being a mixed bag, there were rumors about a PoniesOnline 2021 that came to nothing and he randomly punched stickers onto people at a Robot Wars convention making many uncomfortable.


Patrick started YouTube in the year 2013 on his 17th birthday he originally made silly short vids however most of his early vids have been lost due to un-know reason the 2 most well know where him doing a review of cbbc shows and he talking about game shows of the day.

after the vids were gone he went on a short bake and he would come back doing video gaming and short reviews in the early days his mic was very bad and video quality not great either but showed passion and kept making videos on a weekly bases, in this era Patrick would do a dota tournament, do nerd cube style permadeaths and a failed complete series of roller coaster tycoon, 1 year into his carer he was now doing dramatic readings, reviews of movies, mlp and gaming streams on twitch and a few odd things here and there he would build his channel and only a year later would drop gaming very randomly after playing shopping cart hero and starting a new series mli (my little improv) at the time pat was starting stand up so he decided to take it to his channel and do very silly and short skits which he still does up to this day with his most recent mli being this year.

he would carry on to get better at editing audio and comedy as he started to return to a old fandom robot combat (with the re-turn of battlebots) where he would hit it big and is very well know for his series "the run down" we he lists robots from battlebots, robot wars this is his most loved and hated series for many reasons he would also review battlebots and robot wars but now only does over views of the hole show focusing more on comedy.

Patrick's involvement behind the scenes starts with him joining the rift city in 2016 in its early days where it was originally run by jakey Arnold he would later become part of the mod team and still on the mod team and leads and helps with multiple projects 1 of his biggest successes is the Christmas project which he organised and did skeleton editing for lazer ( did the frame work and made it all work lazer basically made it look better and polished it) he would take over monthly rift after mirror left the group and has ben script righting and organise who hosts and edits each month (they have been a expiations where snogwritts or lazer did this as well), he mods the group and leads multiple projects.

Patrick as well as this would create 2 reddit groups 1 prior to the re-boot of robot wars named r/bringbackrobotwars would bring new content and was a small challenger to r/robotwar it gained a small fan base before Patrick left it to die after the creation of r/battlebots and r/robotwars after the re-boot success he would then make a group called r/robotcombatart supporting artist within the community and helping many to get a start and some to start doing commissions he would support this group with his model making serious and a yearly vote a-thon showcasing the best of the community this would later evolve into is most recent series "the top 10robot combat creations of the month" inspired by littleshy's top ten pony vids the series pat is now almost 2 years old and has many winners the sub now has its own discord and has ties with both r/battlebots and r/robotwars.

in 2020 after the death of hah con Patrick decide to save everyone and create a new discord creating ponies online he would be helped by many people as they would host their first online convention to no successs

In 2021 he uploaded another video imitating a blow job where he accidentally showed an envelope with his home address. Instead of merely deleting the video he finally realised what a worthless shitshow his channel was and mercifully deleted it all though still runs the Rift City's Twitter to ask crap like what made people a furry.


a brand new online convention created by Patrick after the dissolving of hahcon he would set up and be the head of the con for 2020 and would step down to operations director after the con the fist year was a decent successes but it would come back in 2021 with community guests: prince whatever, fuaina the tank girl and minty root.

This time raising $400 for saint judes and alex wolf being the head of the con for this year the con still had small issues but has grown with a original animation ponies online looks to be aiming for march the 5/6 of 2022


  • His true weakness is his spelling (And it shows: editing this page was a freaking nightmare! -BB [Thanks for doing the hard stuff for me. -PAP])
  • He's a massive fan of robot wars and other robot combat shows.
  • He's one of the few brony reviewers who uses their real name.
  • His OC is made out of cardboard and clay and he makes other people's OCs out of the same materials
  • He has collaborated with people like Freedom Flash and Pat Rex 11 to their eternal regret.
  • Doxxed himself and nuked his channel like a wanker.



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