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Pinkie Rose is a fandom voice actress who is known for her Pinkie Pie voice. She's been voice acting for about 2 years (since September 2013), and she's helped out with various audio dramas, fanfic readings, and animations. Although she mainly voices Pinkie Pie, she is also able to voice Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, Derpy, and Granny Smith.


She is known by her subscribers and fans as the potato queen. She is bubbly and is also known as a "troll" who enjoys pulling pranks on her subscribers and making fun of friends.


Below is a list of the more well known projects and collaborations Pinkie Rose has been in.

Bride of Discord Audio Drama Series By Disneyfanatic2364 - Pinkie Pie

Pinkie's Favorite Flavor IRL By No1001 - Pinkie Pie

Fluttershy's Lemon Rant By Yudhaikeledai - Pinkie Pie

Rainbow Dash's Precious Book Part 8 By StormXF3 = Berry Punch

Tsum Tsum Meets MLP By ToucanLDM - Sweetie Belle

Pinkie Tales (Little Red Riding Bloom) By Magpie Pony - Apple Bloom

Get Sexy By Vylet Pony - Vocal Samples

Rarity's New Patterns By Edplus777 - Pinkie Pie

Ed's Adventures in Equestria (animation series) By Edplus777 - Pinkie Pie


  • She was born in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. She came to America when she was 2 and now lives in California.
  • She's Vietnamese.
  • She has a strange obsession with potatoes.
  • Her first MLP convention was EQLA 2015.
  • She once ate a whole jar of Nutella at school.