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Hi there everypony! My name is Pure Song! You may have even heard of my YouTube channel, Carryon Girl. Over there, I am normally known as Carryon GIrl, or COG. However, the only reason my name was never established, is because I was afraid that somepony might judge me, because my favorite hobby is art, though my strong suit is singing. Even though, I cannot write music, and have trouble writing music, and coming up with lyrics. That is basically why I normally don't use my own music I would enjoy someone to help me to write a song, as well as getting to the point of my life where I am allowed to share my voice with the world. but until I was able to find somepony to help me out, I go for drawing. Eventually, I chose to send out my name on my Deviantart page.

I am only 15, but I still decided to join The Rift Cafe. I would love to soon meet some of my idols, such as, KP, DR Wolf, Lightning Bliss, Antony C, Aurora Mage, Ink Rose, and wow, this is a long list. The point is, there are a lot of collaborations I would like to do someday, but without showing my voice. If I ever do decide to do a collaboration, I would appreciate it, if somepony else were to voice my character, while maybe either reading a script, having me tell them what to say, or even over a chat on Google Hangouts. I can't wait to get started! And remember that if you ever need a title card or any sort of picture done, just E-Mail me at :)

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