Rift BackgroundEdit

Redcord had just started reviewing MLP:FiM episodes during the start of season 3 and for a while he started to get the attention of some other fans of the show. He first put together a countdown of the top 10 episodes of MLP season 3 where he brought in a small group of reviewers at the time such as DigiBrony, BronyCurious, GoldenFox etc. and soon began to chat with them on Skype. He soon became part of a small Skype group of brony reviewers. At the time, the group only consisted of a few of the established brony reviewers such as GoldenFox, Voice of Reason, Lightning(Not Lightning Bliss), AnY and a few others. Later on, the group met with AMaleAlicorn and established the first Bronalysis group. However, the name "Bronalysis" didn't come until Voice of Reason and TheLooneyTurtle took over management. The Rift was then created due to the vast amount of reviewers collaborating on each others channels and has since then been growing. Redcord now has his own channel/room in the rift cafe and continues to review MLP and branched out to other cartoons on his second channel called "Cartoon Watchers".


Redcord is a laid back cartoon enthusiast. He admires cartoons from the 90's to the 2000's. He can get annoyed at times but like watching TV, "If you don't like what's on, then change the channel".


  • Redcord has a remote control that allows him to travel through the rifts in YouTube, but he has yet to learn how to use it properly.
  • Redcord on occasion will sit back and watch what everyone else in the fandom is doing in his Meanwhile series.
  • He received a redesign after A Duel with YugiBrony & Channel Hopper





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