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Robert Who is a time colt from Gallifrey. He has had many lives and forms throughout the ages.  

He says that his species is part Changeling, which is why his kind changes throughout the years though then he'd just be a hybrid rather than a distinct species.

Like all time colts, Robert Who has three hearts and is able to swim in hot lava.

Robert is extremely good at spell casting and has lots of knowledge about the rift.

He is on his 9th form, and is traveling the rift with his current companion, Zoey Doso, a former captain of Battle Nations.

In Real Life Edit

Robert Who is a YouTuber, guitar player, vector artist, reviewer, reactor, animator, and a gamer. Also Like his OC he has a “mark on his leg” in real life.

Trivia Edit

  • Created The Rift City with Jakee Arnold but left due to drama with RomanceWriter1 and being ashamed of creating "another Rift Cafe".
  • His mark on his leg is a ketchup stain that he got in the “Forever Food Fight” with the C-raps.
  • He is the last Time colt. Or so he think he is.
  • Spoiled the MLP finale on his Twitter

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