Rose Pal's House

Info On The House Edit

Rose Pal lives in a lakeside cottage just outside of Ponyville with a Windmill Den next door to it.

List Of Rooms Edit

  • Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 13.46.45
    Main Lounge and Work Area - This is where she mainly does her reviews. Has a small table with cushions, a large bookcase with ornaments of her favourite shows - a miniature Tardis and a Perry The Platypus toy and Phineas's Hat, a Powerpuff Girls poster, a desk with a pink laptop, mug, quill pen and inkwell and her saddle bag, a Doctor Whooves Poster, a Phineas and The AllStars poster and a tall lamp. And on one wall there is a door that enters the world of the Rift Cafe.
    Rose Pal's Kitchen
  • Kitchen - This is were Rosie does her baking, making delicious cakes and sweets for her friends when they come round for parties etc etc.
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