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Novella was born to a cat-pony father and a unicorn mother in Manehattan. As such, she was born entirely cat-like, with no pony features at all. Her father had walked out on the two of them before she was born, and thus, her mother does her best to keep the roof over their heads.

She had no friends due to her being made fun of at school, because she was different. As such, whenever she did try to make friends, they'd either tell her directly that they don't want to play with her, or pretend to be friends with her only to backstab her in the long run. After receiving her cutie mark in a writing competition, Novella felt that writing was her means of escape from the real world. She'd write tragic tales of love as her means to vent about her loneliness.

Upon maturing, she and her mother moved to Canterlot and she became a full-fledged pony with some cat tendencies, and can change in between either form whenever she pleases. However, she stays in her pony form more often than not not due to fears of being made fun of again.


  • SEGASister is demisexual.
  • She is shipped with Voice of Reason quite often, and is currently dating him.
  • SEGASister has officially updated her OC design in August of 2017.







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