This is a Fictional Location with in the universe of My 2 Bits.

Serif's Lair

Setup in a cave deep in the Everfree forest. This large cave that has a clear view (by telescope) to Comic's apartment. It is where Serif is hold up while he plans his revenge on Comic. Its location is only known by Serif and Gumshoe.

Known Locations

Main Cave Room

This room serves as the communal area in the cave, Serif's bedroom, and Serif's Lab. It is so far the only room shown in the cave.

  • Computer - This is used to monitor Comic's online activity on his channel. It is also used to hack into the My 2 Bits ask tumblr to answer questions.
  • Bed - where Serif Sleeps
  • SERC Frame - of unknown reasons Serif has a SERC frame. He may be trying to reconstruct his own SERC...or I guess WERA in his case.
  • Comic Sans Slipper - One of a set of 4 stolen by Detective Dick Gumshoe from Comic. It is unclear how it ended up in the cave.
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