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Sawtooth Waves (previously known as The Brony Notion) is a reformed changeling, though they usually take the form of an earth pony. They have a shady orange mane with grey coat and indigo eyes.

Sawtooth defected from the changeling ranks after the attack on Canterlot, and has since spent their time in Ponyville. In 2013, they found a dimensional rift to the internet and started a YouTube channel to share their thoughts about Equestria. Along with theories and analysis, Sawtooth also posts remixes and original songs. They one day hope to overthrow the monarchy and become the democratically elected leader of Equestria.


  • Has a second channel titled "Second Waves"
  • Tried to free the villains from stone
  • Rarely shows their changeling form
  • Took over Appleloosa once. (They, by accident, were wearing the Alicorn Amulet!)
  • Has a mirror pool clone named "Sine Waves"
  • Gallus is their favorite member of the student 6
  • Their favorite Mane 6 member is Fluttershy, and their least favorite is Applejack.
  • They once considered turning themself into a pickle.
  • They play in a My Little Pony fanfic based DnD game run by The Nameless One.
  • Found the Nexus by accidentally falling into the internet portal.
  • Found their alternate self and freed them from their prison cell alongside The Nameless One
  • Solved Future Twilight's Paradox