Sawtooth Waves (The Brony Notion) has a shady orange mane with grey body color and indigo eyes. He is also a changeling in disguise. When he started analysis, he quickly rose through the ranks through his use of humor and unusually high reliance on speculation. While he may be unpopular among some smaller channel, he has gone on to be one of the most successful and well known analysts in the fandom.

Sawtooth is a civilized changeling that found a interest in music and tends to take lessons from Vinyl Scratch. He pretends that he is a earth pony so he can join the group. This is because he is banned from changeling army, so he went to Ponyville to find peace for himself. Eventually, Sawtooth met the Bronies, that he is study the pony basic and start a YouTube channel and music video his cutie mark is a black music note when disguised as an earth pony.

He has unfortunatley slowed his production of vids, as he has lost his drive, and is experiencing burn-out. He still loves YouTube and still posts the occasional video.


  • For his first 3,000 subscribers he sang the chorus of "Winter Wrap Up" here.
  • He will occasionally upload a remix of an MLP song, calling it a "Notion Remix".
  • He was not on Ink Rose's drawing of the group, this is due to his popularity not coming until shorty after.
  • His favorite pony is Fluttershy





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