About the Series Edit

"Shark Discusses" is a web series created by Nicholas Lamare, aka Shark. He started the show just after season 4 had ended because he was so shocked by how much negativity was in the analysis community that he decided to give a more balanced type of analysis. Shark had originally wanted the show to be a review series but it slowly changed to what it is now, a series that discusses the little things in MLP that are normally glossed over.

Trivia Edit

  • The web series occasionally has people come onto the show for a collab, but so far only two guests have appeared.
  • The show is hosted by the brown coated stallion named Shark, and the art is always done by The Director.
  • The background for this series has changed twice over its lifetime, the first background was the pony creator background, then a background of Twilight's library, and then finally an original background done by The Director.
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