Sparkle's Apartment is a fictional location created by Sparkle Chord. It is the location where her OC lives. Sparkle's apartment is in Manehattan, in the Manehattan Apartment Complex, on the 23rd floor, apartment 102. This apartment has 3 rooms, the Kitchen/Dining room, the main room, and Sparkle's room. Sparkle's room contains many books, computer stations, and chemistry kits, as it is the room where she conducts many science experiments in her free time.

Kitchen/Dining Room

The Kitchen/Dining Room is the first thing visitors will se upon entering, as it is connected to the front door. The Kitchen/Dining Room consists of a table with 2 chairs, a chandelier, an oven, a refrigerator, counterspace(for preparing foods) and cupboards(for storing supplies.) there is also a Staircase to the second floor, which has a hallway with several doors. The main room can also be seen from the Kitchen.


Main Room

The Main Room is a smaller, somewhat dimly lit space with a couch, a coffee table, a bookshelf, and a television. There is also a window over the couch.

Sparkle's Room

Sparkle's Room is the room where Sparkle spends most of her time, either reading, working on the computer, or experimenting with magic and chemistry experiments. This room is rather small and cluttered, with everything sort of cramped together. Sparkle has several posters on her walls, and there is a large wall of computers across from the posters.

Sparkle's Room
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