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It's a review series created by Rapid Technic.


"TYPe" is a review series that he talks about MLP:FiM. He's focusing his thoughts on reviews so that he will make his quality of analyzing.

2 TYPes of ReviewsEdit

via dA JournalEdit

In March 19, 2015, the 1st TYPe Review called TYPenergy was released on Deviantart starting with "All About Friendship is Magic". His reviews is uploaded every Sunday on his dA Journal if he had any ideas of the topic or he talk about of a episode in MLP.

via YTEdit

His reviews is uploaded every other days on his YT, he talks about a episode of the show, and also any ideas that he will talk about. VISual Version will be released sooner enough.

"The Elements of TYPe" Edit

Energy Edit

TYPenergy Logo
TYPenergy is the Solo-review type, he will review on the episode with different type of meanings to his opinions.

Music Type: Breakfast

Color Type: Blue Green

Collab Edit

TYPcollab Logo
TYPcollab is the Collaborate type, he will review on the episode with a other analyst

Music Type: 6:00 PM

Color Type: Blue & Yellow

Special Edit

TYPspecial Logo
TYPspecial is the Special Area type, he will review on comics, movies, and other event specials.

Music Type: 7:30 PM

Color Type: Red

Journal Edit

TYPjournal Logo
TYPjournal is the First Impressions type, he will think on a episode w/o a spoiler, just impress his thoughts.

Music Type: Extra

Color Type: Violet Blue

Archive Edit

TYParchive Logo
TYParchive is the Past season type, he will review on the episode from Season 1-5, same to collab with other analysts.

Music Type:

  • Season 1: 1992 (1st half), 1995 (2nd half)
  • Season 2: 1997
  • Season 3: 1998
  • Season 4: 2003
  • Season 5: 2007

Color Type: Dark Blue



"The Info" Edit



  • The 1st episode of the series had 3 parts because the 1st part was long.
  • It does not have the 1st Spoiler Episode because his 1st Episode has no spoilers.
  • The music for all "TYPe"s are from a News program in The Netherlands, "RTL Nieuws"
  • The name was officially changed as "The TechnicSource" since April 24th.
  • Due to low opinions, he officially cancelled his review series as a result.
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