Coming from deviantart, Takara is a well-known brony artist specialising in digital and traditional art. Her username came from her Youtube Series 'Takara's Point of View' and stuck as her typical username across her outlets. Dedicated and independent, she strives to succeed in a career around her artwork.


  • Has a small group of her closest friends; Detective Encounter, SkyWolf, Moonlight Quill and others.
  • Wants to create a pilot at Cartoon Network, but as a backup plan, wants to be an Elementary-Junior High-High School Art Teacher.
  • Works for Dr. Wolf as a Moment with DRWolf Artist on his channel.
    • Has worked on 6 Moment with Dr. Wolf Videos:
    • Aeon of Dreams
    • Rosie Sievers
    • GoldenKey
    • Finn the Pony
    • Thespio (DaWillstanator)
    • Her own Moment regarding Social Anxieties while talking on the internet.
  • Her New Years Resolution for 2017 is to work on an ask box on her DeviantArt Page. So far, she has 9 questions answered.
  • Her Typical White Sundress and Sunhat is inspired by the character Kanata Izumi from Lucky Star!.
  • Her Character Design was updated in December of 2016.
    • Her old character was a 2'8" filly with a shorter mane and an orange and blue hair bow.
    • Her new design is a 3'1" yearling with oval glasses with longer hair pulled back in a ponytail.
  • She owns a Cat named Eli (pronounced Eee-Lai, often being mistaken for Eli, as in Eliyora), and a dog names Ralphie.
  • In real life, she is the youngest of four kids, having grown up with two older brothers and an older sister (her sister's OC name being "Reading Noteworthy".
  • While much is still unknown about her real life and OC's backstory, it is hinted that she has a past regarding her two older brothers.






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