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Tech was an Analyst from the Philippines that he is also a tech enthusiast, artist, video editor, intro/outro animator, and a gamer.

On November 19, 2013, he officially stated to be part of the fandom due to an interested feeling of playing the official MLP game app. In the following month, he researched about MLP by watching all of the Analysis videos from GoldenFox, Dr. Wolf, Ink Rose, ILoveKimPossibleAlot, Tommy Oliver (BronyCurious), DigiBro, and others. By February 23, 2014, his OC (Rapid Technic) was made and fitted as his ponysona. He made his own channel (which the channel name changed 3 times) by September in the same year named "RapidTV Productions", but unfortunately, no videos we're uploaded until the following year. He met a British Brony Analyst Rosie online in February since he always randomly add online friends at that time. On celebrating his late-2 year Bronyversary on March 19, he officially made his own MLP related review on his Deviantart, and by a month later (April 8), he made his review on all of the episodes of Season 5 (sans "Scare Master" and "The Hooffields and McColts").

On April 17, 2015, 4:30 AM, he was officially part of The Rift Café to meet all the analysts and artists that he always knew online.

The situation happened on July where Tyandaga left the chat due to his uncommon behavior of spamming, the case was closed after the admins talked to them and he needs to calm himself down and tries to take a break on chatting for several days to forget about the problem that he caused.

In September of the same year, he was officially made his web series called "TYPeSeries" to focus his MLP-related videos as his new goal in 2016.

Tech officially made his collab debut with Rosie on a review of "Daring Don't" on Mar. 26, 2016.

By June of the same year, he was trying to do voice acting by making his own second channel, "GenesisDragoVA", he also make Shellnut-nimations (Shellnut animations) recently. He tried comic dub and voice acting videos, but it didn't work at all.

On Oct. 16, he attended at "PH PonyCon", an MLP convention in the Philippines where he met new friends in the community, his wish after his attendance is to attend future MLP conventions in the US. It was part of his third Bronyversary on November 19.

By December, he officially renamed as "Tech Stream" to focus his Tech related stuff.

As of 2017 until today, he was officially gone on hiatus in the community, it was unknown if he's going to continue or left the fandom to focus on his current active fandoms.

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  • Tech is the very 1st Philippine Brony who had been part in The Rift Cafe.
  • His old versions of his OC Design are sincerely prototypes until the final version was made by PenSpark:
  • In Real Life, he knows about tech and computers since he studied IT.
  • His original name was "Rapid Transit" since his creation, but his name was changed his last name as "Technic" 1 year after (Mid-April). On 2016, it was decided to rename as "Tech Stream to focus tech stuff than trains.

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YouTube: Officially unused for uploading


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