TechnicLiveStream is a Live stream and Podcast produced by RapidTV.

Background Edit

TechnicLiveStream (Refered as TechLiSt), is convinced as a discussion with the other brony analysts on Skype & Google+.

What is that mean? Edit

Every other day/week they talk about other discussions in MLP or other related fandoms (On Youtube). On, he make other works on the Live stream also a conversation with the other analysts. The 1st Episode was postponed last year because of technical difficulties from a slow laptop, so he will change the date for the 1st episode.

Info Edit

Who: RapidTV

What: Live stream/Podcast

When: Every other weeks

Where: (Special Live stream)/Youtube (Hangouts On Air)

Why: TechnicLiveStream

Livesteam Code (Episodes) Edit

(Coming Soon)

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