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TheMLPConnoisseur (Also known as Connie), is a blue unicorn with a black-and-blue striped mane and tail. While attempting to be a, well, Connoisseur of MLP, he strives to share the synopsis's for episodes in advance, and his reactions to them when they air.

Being in the rift for well over a year has made him both a well known pony, and a pony who knows other ponies well. He always tries to meet and greet the new ponies who enter the rift and has started a series in which he reacts with people from the Rift to random videos (Hence the series title, Random Reacts)

In addition, he is always trying to help others with any problem they have in real life. Be it a hard day, week, or life, he always tries to help others feel better and give them advice.

Occasionally Connie will write poems and post them throughout the Rift. These

poems tend to have to do with how he is feeling, or representing others in the Rift or his life.

Finally, while not well known as a reviewer or analyst, Connie strives to be a well known one some day, or be content with the friends he has made.

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  • Connie was accidentally made as a female during his (or her) creation, and was unnoticed for 6 months. An eyelash was left on in the General Zoi OC.
  • Connie is currently in a relationship with a DeviantArt user named SummerSketch-MLP

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