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The Brony Community Interviews, or The BCI, is a web talk show hosted by Shark and it is his secondary series; the first being his discussion series. He was inspired to create this series after talking with The Ponyville Critic, who was technically speaking supposed to be his first guest.

The series has attracted big names to his channel, such as Antony C and Silver Quill.

This series is the reason his channel has been getting so much traffic. Likely due to the big names that have been interviewed so early in its run.

season 1 of the show ended with his interview with his first show guest M.A. Larson

Interviews Edit

Episode 1-Minty Root

Episode 2-Mad Munchkin

Episode 3-Sweetie Bloom

Episode 4-Antony C

Episode 5-Silver Quill

Episode 6-ILoveKimPossibeAlot

Episode 7-Voice of Reason

Episode 8-DustyKatt

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