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Clip Board, more commonly known as 'The Editor' wasn't designed with a Backstory, but more to the point that he was created around specific true events that happened to Joe during his life, in other words, Clip Board came about over a collection of choice memories.

Clip Board is designed as an Earth Pony because Joe is considered to be down to earth and not always with either his head in the clouds and or defying logic.

Clip Board is Gray coated because of Joe's favorite color being Bolt Metal Grey.

Clip Board has Blonde Rainbow Dash styles Mane and Tail due to the fact that Rainbow Dash is Joe's favorite Character and also, during his time in Collage which Joe considers the best time of his life, he did have hair like that, so it is to symbolism his best years.

Clip Board is Blonde colored in his Mane and Tail due to the event that cause Joe to be. Joe was born Black Haired and at the age of 2, he came down with a illness that nearly cost him his life, he was expected to die over night, but by some miracle he recovered completely over night and was not sick anymore, the result some how his hair turned Blond. Joe is still Blond thought now it is darker then when it first was, so he keeps that color in his Mane and Tail to remember that event.

Clip Board also has Green eyes because of Joe's real eye color which is a mix or Blue and Green but shading slightly more Green.

Joe is also Dyslexic and had to where Glasses when working, hence why Clip Board has them.

In recent times, he's taken to tapping into an alternate dimension called 'The Warp' as an alternative form of magic by using Warp Stones as a medium. Among other things such as 'tilting a space suburbia on its axis' and 'building a house in a void', he has used this magic to change forms. He's also taken to teaching Rosie Sievers this magic.

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  • The Editor attended a Podcast called 'Fanchat' with Starlight Gingerpony.
  • The Editor has been shipped with Bright Idea and Starlight Gingerpony.
  • Joe is a big Fan of Warhammer 40K and Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • The Editor is currently dating Crimson Glow and previously dated Jessica Pedley

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This is Clip Board, happy as can be.

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