What Is it? Edit

The Rift Cafe Discord Server is a group run on Discord, an alternative to Skype. On this server, members are able to easily invite people that "aren't likely to cause problems" and even after getting an invitation, members aren't automatically given access to every channel. This allows for an NSFW channel (titled the "Bartop"), a mod chat (titled the "Back Office") and more.

History Edit

This group was created near the end of the "Third moderation" but remained inactive until the "Fourth moderation" of the rift cafe Skype group. TheLooneyTurtle had recently started using discord and wanted to test out server features. During this time the server was dubbed "The Looney Bin" but over time the name was changed to The Rift Cafe. Second Opinion and Unova Brony (The head moderators of the rift cafe skype group) and crimson glow were eventually added to the group and promoted to "Managers" of the server. Since then TheLooneyTurtle has assumed the role of "Technical Support" despite being the owner of the server.

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