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After a falling out with The Rift Cafe, (Which remains to be elaborated upon in-universe. IRL explanations are available elsewhere) many prominent names left the The Rift Cafe. A collection of content creators began to set about building a new location. This included, but is not limited to: Secret Dreamer, (for whom the secret rift would be named) FNGR, BritishNinja, and Keychi. The Secret Rift was originally built in secret, but was eventually discovered, and publicly revealed. This, combined with the name of it's first, and so far, only ruler, would cause this locale to be known as The Secret Rift.

The Secret Rift[]

Secret rift tavern background.png

Today, The Secret Rift is home to many creators, and is maintained by a fairly large moderation staff. Including all but one of its founders, with a few new members in addition to them. And on any given day, one can expect to see a whole host of shenanigans. It's many structures, save the Secret Rift Bar, are built in a neoclassical style reminiscent of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Secret Rift, like the old Cafe, contains many of the amenities one would expect to find. Such as

Known Amenities[]

  • Tavern
  • Mod....castle? (looks much like the Roman Coliseum)
  • Bath House
  • Many, many spinning rocks
  • Portal System

No Doors Here[]


The Secret Rift has no hallway or channel doors. Instead, all inter-channel travel is done via a magical portal system. Each portal is color coded to its owner like The Rift Cafe's doors, but seem to be no more secure as any portal can be summoned by simple spoken request. (in fact, the lack of a lock might make them even less so)