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A separate, independent Rift started by a growing group of analysts and other creators who were disenfranchised by the mod staff of The Rift Cafe, both the Third Moderation toward the end of its reign, and the current Fourth.

History Edit

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The Secret RIft's origins can be traced back to the events leading to the end of The Rift Cafe's Third Moderation (led by Fallenwish). The room was first created as a secret, (no duh) during the Third Moderation because of many disagreements between the Third Moderation, and The Secret Rift's soon-to-be founders.

Eventually, Fallen figured out about the room's existence, which led to the temporary demoding of Secret Dreamer and BritishNinja until they were able to explain. However, Secret Dreamer failed to do so, instead refusing to admit to playing a role. BritishNinja was permitted to continue as a mod, after giving his explanation. But instead, he removed FallenWish and left a speech declaring that the two chats were now in competition; and that the chat's members must choose a side. Several chat members joined/continued in the group (with or without leaving The Rift Cafe), and the Secret Rift has been expanding ever since. The Third Moderation ended when Fallenwish chose not to return and was be succeeded by the current Fourth Moderation, jointly led by Second Opinion and Silver Starling (Who was later replaced by UnovaBrony).

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The Secret Rift today Edit

Today, The Secret Rift has its own steadily growing channel and continues adding members to its chat. While tension sometimes surfaces between the two chats, this has cooled over the past year, and several members continue to be active in both groups. Despite this, they are largely independent of one-another and sometimes go out of their way to make a point of this.

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Moderation Edit

TSR mods-0
  • SecretDreamer
  • Fagotinni
  • Spirited Rainbow
  • Tricky Fox
  • The Editor
  • Twist O' Fate

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