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TYPe Screen (The Front Wall)[]

It was the significance that was used as a Review Area

Similar difference:[]

  • The Screen is based on RTL Nieuws (Netherlands) from 2014 that will symbolizes his series (The "TYPe" Series)
  • The color sides (Top-middle, Left-middle, Right-middle, & Bottom-middle) are similar per segment



=== ===

The Studio Room (The Back Wall)[]

Back Wall (ON).png

That will be as used to see in the front wall

  • The Window (Outside the Studio Room) is used to see the front wall
  • The "On-Air" Light that was underneath the window outside of the media studio is used to signal that to it was start & end
  • Inside of The Studio Room is the Media Room to make it well-edited on his reviews

The Entrance/Exit Room (The Left Wall)[]

Left Wall.png

Used for someone is coming on his channel

  • The Door is used for those who goes in our goes out to his channel
  • The Arrow is used to point that someone is coming to his channel
  • The Top-Right is The Bookshelf that will used for holding his other stuff that who is gives for him

More Details & Pictures are Coming Soon