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Deep within The Void lies an outpost named...The Void. Founded by Onyx the Dragon, The Outpost is a collection of small buildings deep within The Void. It currently consists of a retro diner, a mine, and a building for the moderators. (not shown)


After his ejection from Limbo, Onyx the Dragon founded an outpost deep within The Void. He called it...The Void. (though when discussed in context of The proper Void, it is referred to as 'The Outpost') The Void Outpost remained dormant for months. But eventually, Onyx began to seek out smaller creators, analysts or otherwise. And they came together to found a small but active community of smaller creators.

The Outpost Today[]

Today, the Outpost is a thriving community of smaller creators. For those seeking entry, it is possible to seek it out.