Background Edit

The alter ego of Lightning Bliss, who stars as the antagonist of Flight of Blight, and its sequel, Return of Thunder Blight. Her ultimate plan was to take over the Rift by 'draining the colour' from it and Bliss' friends. What this translates to in the former case is a monochrome paint job and in the latter, the removal of their most important trait. It is unclear how the trait to be removed is determined. In Flight of Blight, she was eventually defeated with the help of Aeon of Dreams (OP, please nerf). Since then, she has occasionally shown up as an alternate form in Lightning Bliss' other content. This presents questions however as she previously existed as an entirely separate entity from Bliss.

Personality Edit

Where Lighting Bliss is the cheery cooperative rainbow alicorn, her alter ego is self centered, cruel, and unwilling to work with anyone. Preferring instead to set herself as the sole authority of her black and white realm. In return however, she is also much more direct, and seems to have a significantly better control of her magic.

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