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ThunderstormMlp123 is an actress, singer, dancer, artist, writer, and reactor. She does reactions every Sunday, is good at drawing and will never give up, even trough she is young. She is also kind, honest, fun, and doesn't like to fight with others unless she believes they are haters who are asking for it. If she hurts one of her friends then she will make it up to them by making their day better, hugging them, and saying she's sorry. She will not take disrespect nor teasing, but she will take love and respect from her friends and family.

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  • Thunder has ADHD and autism.
  • She joined DeviantArt on April 19, 2020 and "hasn't run out of ideas since".
  • Her OC has a little brother named Flaze Dark Blackcrystal.

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Planet Minecraft:

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Thunderstormmlp123's old OC named Thunderstorm Celeste Gemstone.

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