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It’s unknown what kind of creature Chimera originally was, having been broken to pieces several times and then stitched back up. Some parts of their body where either permanently damaged or completely destroyed, leaving them without a few body parts.

Not being able to do much else besides watching and reading, a young Chimera started to embrace dark magic as it helped rebuild their body into a monster: the head and mane of a lion, the breath of a dragon, the body of a wolf, a ravens claws, wings of a bat, and a snake for a tail. The back magic also dulled the color from Chimera’s eyes, turned their fur black and gives them the power to recall or pull body parts from other sources. In some cases take the entire body of some other creature.

Intelligent and crazy, they took control of their home and oppressed those who wronged them and others. Destroying any rebellion to their rule, until their subjects lost hope of ever getting rid of their monster ruler, only to be freed of Chimera the next day and have a new ruler in charge.

Chimera had become tired of ruling a kingdom, of their subjects obeying their every word and wish. They left their station and appointed a new ruler before leaving with their only truly loyal subject, Salazar Snake. Goinòg off to see more places in more worlds with the help of some magic scissors and a certain blue box.

Having been transformed into ponies, Chimera and her loyal servant, Salazar Snake, explore and better the lives of the locals. As well as share some of their information and earn bits.

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  • Chimera is Nocturnal
  • Salazar Snake is not only their friend but was also Chimera’s tail
  • Chimera knows slag Spanish and is learning Japanese, German, Arabic, French and Italian.
  • Chimera’s Voice Actor is female but Chimera has no gender, except for in pony form where they are Male.
  • Chimera’s mane and tail is not pink, it’s salmon.
  • Chimera’s odd mane and tail color are what remain of their natural coloring.
  • Because of their Chimera nature, they can detach parts of their body.

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V.A.Chimera, 1

Chimera's Icon

Chimera Quote

Not pink, salmon

Chimera Weapon

Magical scissors

Snake, Running

Snake (Pony form)

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