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YugiBrony joined YouTube on December 3, 2013 and he started doing a series called Yugioh: Equestria Duels, which is him dueling other canon characters.

As of 2019, he has a YouTube, Twitter, DeviantArt, and a Patreon. For YouTube, he does reviews in a series called Manga Sins, does Yu-Gi-Oh duels with other bronies in "A Duel With YugiBrony", and once in a while, he'll try to do something else for his channel.

in 2019, he created the the game show series Cartoon Millionaire.

A Duel with Yugibrony: Future Yugi Arc Edit

Yugi first noticed he was getting anonymous messages after defeating Unovabrony via a picture of the Millennium Eye, and after a few duels, including one with Eliyora, it turned out that the one who was sending the messages was himself from the future. Future Yugi came to the past because he didn't like what he became after his channel was turned into a drama channel. Future Yugi traveled back in time to the Equestria Duels dimension to grab all 3 copies of the Seal of Orichalcos, and planned on using them against present Yugi to erase himself from history.

After being defeated by Future Yugi, Present Yugi has to duel 13 other bronies as requested by Future Yugi before they have their rematch.

As of April 2019, he has dueled seven other bronies. Thespio aka Dawillansator, Xaldin Wolfgang, Grey Silvermane, Aramau, Duclet Tone, Crimson Glow, Aria Diamond, Traveling Arrow, Acharky, Crimson Shadow, Epic Fable, and Harmony Dancer.

Currently, he has to duel 1 more opponent before eventually ending up having a rematch with Future Yugi.

Trivia Edit

  • He was formerly known as the Yugioh Brony. He changed it to Yugibrony because of legal reasons.
  • He formerly did a series known as What to Watch which was him doing reviews of animated tv show and movie reviews and top lists of them.

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